Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Book 1 is up on Goodreads!

Isn't Goodreads a fabulous site?  I can spend so much time there, it's ridiculous.  I especially love reading my friends' reviews on what they're reading - hands down the coolest feature of that website.

But now, Book 1 of the Pendragon Armada is up there!

I don't know why I was expecting that to be a long endeavor to undertake.  I guess I'm just still waiting for men with official credentials to show up and say, "Nope, sorry...you haven't filed with the home office for an Author's License.  You can't actually say that you've written a book until you've been vetted and registered with the state."

But...they still haven't shown up.  So I guess, until then, we'll keep acting like this whole book thing is for real.  :)

Thanks for all the great reviews on Amazon!  (You know who you are!)  You've had a lot of kind things to say, and it's so fabulous to hear that people are digging the concept.  We'll keep the books coming.  In fact, Book 2 is in the revision stage now, and we can't wait for you to see what happens!